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​     You must be over 18 years of age and under 220 pounds, NO EXCEPTIONS!  ​The training is approximately 30 minutes long and each jumper takes 30 - 40 minutes for their skydive. Weather is always a factor, so it's just best to plan on spending the day.  You will be given googles to wear for your skydive. Jumpsuits, helmets and gloves are available if you would like to wear them, but it is not necessary. Dress for the day. For summer, t-shirt and shorts are fine, cooler weather, wear warmer clothes. Remember to bring a picture ID (you cannot jump without one) and wear tennis shoes. NO sandals or boots permitted! You may bring as many family and friends as you like, but we do ask that no one brings their dogs. They don't do well on airports.

    When you get to the airport, you will begin your paperwork and make your payment. You will then go out to the aircraft (Cessna P206, "Yellow Bird") where you will spend about 15 minutes on training. You will practice the exit, learn about free fall and go over the landing procedures. Groups can train together.

    And then, up you'll go. It's a 15 - 20 minute airplane ride to altitude overlooking the majestic Mission Mountains, a scenic view of Flathead Lake with Glacier Park in the background. About 5 minutes prior to your exit, Gary will hook you up safely to him. Your exit will be from 9 or 12 thousand feet above the valley floor with 30 - 50 seconds of free fall (you choose) at 120+ mph. The parachute will open around 4000 feet and you will help guide it down to a safe landing in front of family and friends. All of this can be caught on video and pictures for an extra fee (see prices page).

You'll leave with a certificate in hand and a huge smile on your face!